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In October, 1986 Mac Barnes attended the Jesus Calls School of Evangelism taught by Brother DGS Dhinakaran in Madras, India.  During that school Mac operated all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.  When he returned to New Jersey he had his first outdoor gospel crusade called Heaven ’87 in Tompkins Park, (now named Herbert Von King Park) Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY.

Mac became the US Representative for Jesus Calls and in 1994 Brother DGS Dhinakaran held a School of Evangelism in upstate New York.  Steve Lovell attended that school.

In June, 2005 Mac and Steve went to Torbeck, Haiti to hold a gospel crusade with Pastor Eddy Francois, a Haitian evangelist.  Since that first crusade Mac and Steve formed Precious Pearl Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity, for the purpose of preaching the gospel.  Since 2005 Mac and Steve and Pastor Eddy have had over 65 mass gospel crusades in Haiti.  Presently we hold a crusade, in a different city, every other month.


Our crusade team has grown to about a hundred Haitian Christians.  We have singers, musicians, prayer warriors, sound men, stage builders, electricians, security teams, watchmen, ushers, drivers, cooks, and translators. 


Pastor Eddy used to have a church in Carrefour, Haiti.  But he came with his family to the United States in 2001 to escape fighting in Haiti.  Pastor Eddy returned to Haiti in 2005, but his children completed their education in the US.  In 2009 Pastor Eddy started a new church that now has about 3,000 on Sunday.  In 2016 Pastor Eddy turned the leadership of the church over to Pastor Andy Joseph.

Morning Prayer Meeting

There is a Morning Prayer meeting each weekday at the same location that attracts different people from all over the city of Carrefour, numbering several thousand.

Music Ministry

Pastor Eddy is a prolific music director. He has trained hundreds of musicians and singers and written over a thousand songs. There is always much praise and worship at all of our events.

Training Ministers

We used to send our best young people to Bible College to become ministers. But Rhema France opened Rhema Haiti at Pastor Eddy’s first church and Pastor Eddy’s oldest daughter is the administrator and our people attend Rhema now.

Children's Ministry

We used to have a children’s ministry, but Metro World Child, the world’s largest Sunday School, opened Metro Haiti and Pastor Eddy’s youngest daughter is their leader. Our Metro people conduct Children’s Church in different schools around Port-au-Prince every week. We also train children’s workers and have Kids Krusades now.

Serving Hot Meals

There are always starving people in Haiti. Precious Pearl has a hot meal kitchen run by Pastor Eddy’s wife that serves 150 meals a day. The church selects the at risk people that are taken care of, and the church also donates to serve more food.

Supporting Orphans

We support the El Shaddhai Orphanage, founded and run by Dr. Elvira Malebranche.  Our donations help Dr. Malebranch to take care of about 70 children: house them, feed them, clothe them and send them to school.  Dr. Malebranche is a medical doctor at the hospital and several of her orphans have completed medical school and are now Doctors themselves.

Supporting Missionaries

Precious Pearl has a team of 24 Haitian missionaries.  These men and women go to the countryside to preach the gospel.  Some walk five hours through the mountains to where they minister (because there is no other way to go.)  Their testimonies are like the book of Acts, God works miracles, signs and wonders when they go and preach.

Starting Churches

We could probably start a church after every crusade.  But we reserve that for strategic situations.  We have about a dozen churches in different states of development, from prayer meetings, to mission, to church.

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